Hello, and welcome to, Minecrafters Haven!

Now, lets get you started!

Minecrafters Haven, is intended to be a home for all miners and crafters out there, looking for a place to plant their square stubs. We created a haven for Minecrafters, in motivation of having our own getaway in Minecraft. We created this server for anyone and everyone to find a place of which they feel most at home. We have also implemented various features on the server such as, jobs allow you to earn money, skills can level up through McMMO, and ranks which allow you to become a codified Minecrafter, unlocking access to more content. Other features include, creating and running player based shops and claiming and keeping lands. You can expect to see updates in the future, which will apply custom commands and many other interesting features.

One of our core beliefs is, freedom of the individual, meaning we dont really want to hold anyone back and we invite you to do anything you wish. We simply ask you to follow the few rules we view as both reasonable and essential to the quality of life here on the server.

We Hope You Enjoy Your Time Here at the Minecrafters Haven!!

Plugins installed on server: Essentials, McMMO, Lands, JobsReborn